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Designed to foster a more collaborative, social form of productivity, New World Shenyang Hotel Gather offers flexible, open meeting and event spaces. Engineered to fuse work and play, function rooms are enhanced by intuitive design touches, smart surfaces, spaces filled with natural light and views of the vibrant culture of the city.


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With 1,248 square meters of floor space and a 975-square-meter foyer, the Grand Hall features a pillar-less design to maximize the use of space, accommodating anywhere from 600 to 1,100 guests. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the hall with natural light while providing vistas of the Hun River and the space can be divided into three to facilitate smaller events such as business meetings and private banquets.

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Green room

With a total area of 104 square meters, this elegant Chinese-style VIP room can accommodate 30-70 people for meetings, press events, private banquets and more. Decorated with exquisite teaware, the reception hall is equipped with a cloakroom and fireplace to evoke the atmosphere of a dignified traditional residence.

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GATHER 1 & 2

With two interconnected multi-functional halls with a total area of 184 square meters, this highly flexible space can be connected or separated to cater to events ranging from 40-120 people in size. An independent control panel allows for the use of multiple smart devices for modern conferencing solutions.

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Covering an area of 88 square meters, this space can accommodate 20-60 people. Featuring a contemporary wooden aesthetic, the event hall incorporates smart technology for fuss-free meetings.

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Featuring an open layout that can be easily partitioned, this multi-functional hall covers an area of 184 square meters and can accommodate 80-140 people. Large windows allow for sweeping views of bustling Qingnian Street and the Shenyang Grand Theatre.


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The largest of our multi-functional conference halls, this space totals 204 square meters and can accommodate 80-190 people. Featuring a flexible layout and a clean aesthetic, this venue is also equipped with smart technology for fuss-free conferencing. Our in-house team is on hand to provide event planning services tailored to your needs.